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“Team Geek is a gem of a book, in which Ben and Fitz share 5. “You and Your Research,” pdf. Team Geek A Software Developer's Guide to Working Well with Others Brian W. Fitzpatrick Ben Collins-Sussman Beijing • Cambridge • Farnham • Köln. In a perfect world, software engineers who produce the best code are the most successful. In this highly entertaining book, Brian Fitzpatrick and Ben Collins-Sussman cover basic patterns and anti-patterns for working with other people, teams, and users while trying to develop.

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As a software engineer, you're great with computer languages, compilers, debuggers, and algorithms. And in a perfect world, those who produce the best code. Jul 29, Here's an excerpt (PDF file) from the new O'Reilly book, Team Geek: A Software Developer's Guide to Working Well with Others, by Brian. Download Team Geek: A Software Developer's Guide to Working Well with Others. Info: E-Book readable online or download on PDF DJVU TXT DOC MP3 CFM.

Navigating Destructive Relationships with People wit Disorders Stage 3: More Stories: Poezje wybrane Ebook File Download Selected poems: Poezje wybrane Online Download Sound and Vision: Online Download White Bread: Volume I: Download Pdf Grammars and automata for string processing: Applications, incl.

Team Geek: Create a low-friction environment for rapid feedback loops with other programmers. Keep the "bus factor" high. Almost every social conflict can ultimately be traced back to a lack of one or all of these behaviors: You genuinely care about the people with whom you work.

You treat them as human beings, and appreciate their abilities and accomplishments. Base that culture on humility, trust, and respect— and consensus-based decision making. Write a mission statement. It's just as important to agree on what you're NOT doing as what you are. Run efficient meetings: Only invite people who absolutely need to be there. Have an agenda and distribute it early. End the meeting early if possible. Keep the meeting on track.

Try to schedule the meeting near other interrupt points in your day. Build strong processes and tools around team communication. They're just as important as your software tools. Never underestimate the bandwidth and power of a face-to-face conversation.

It trumps all forms of electronic communication. Strive to be a "servant leader. Rand focuses on building relationships with local partners to strategically transplant GSG programs and initiatives to the West Bank in a collaborative way. Rand is passionate about sharing knowledge and helping youth to find opportunities.


Mr Hegazy managed diverse program portfolios including economic recovery and development programs that focus on workforce development, employment, internships, private sector development, SMEs and ICT. I work to achieve inclusivity, diversity and build impactful products that matter. I graduated from the first cohort of the Code Academy and mentored several cohorts after.

I am responsible for the quality assurance of the course delivery, coordination, troubleshooting and support for current students, graduates, international facilitators and other community engagement activities served in that context.

He previously worked as an officer at Palestine Islamic Bank in Gaza, where he handled a range of issues related to financing, credit and customer care. There are two things that will make you an immediate best friend - talking about horses or saying that you love food!

She works in matching International clients search for talented developers, designers, and translator with the best talent in Gaza. Previously she worked as a digital marketing specialist in local and international companies, where she was managing marketing campaigns and implement marketing strategies.

Lina is passionate about finding job opportunities for people in Gaza and help them in growing up their skills. Saed Habib Freelancing Program Officer Previously, Saed worked as a Full-Time Freelancer with over 60 international companies and successfully completed over projects. He also worked as a Project Manager for a Norwegian company, where he managed their I.

T projects and development team. Dalia Shurrab Social Media Coordinator Dalia used to be a teacher, trainer, educational researcher and manager.

PDF Team Geek: A Software Developer s Guide to Working Well with Others Free Books

Dalia quickly fell in love with the spirit of entrepreneurism and first joined GSG as a volunteer social media and logistics member. Dalia was chosen to represent Palestinian entrepreneurs at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi in At age 12, Dalia was the English-speaking spokes-child of Palestinian children and represented all Palestinians in front of the Women and Children Minister of Norway.

She holds a BA in English literature. Previously, she worked as a theatre actress, drama trainer, and English teacher. She is a passionate reader and a keen learner who is always trying to learn a new thing.

She taught herself English, French, and Violin! The thing she is most proud about is that she has friends in over 15 countries! A good song or a good book can always cheer Yasmin Up! Ibrahim Hammid Freelancing Program Technical Training Assistant Ibrahim started as a volunteer with GSG and proved himself as a great value to the team so he joined it as the technical training assistant. He supports and helps to increase trainees skills to suit the labor market. Ibrahim is passionate about in social work, new technologies, and Gaming.

Nour Khoudary Community Engagement Coordinator Nour is first a mother of a wonderful 4 year-old and second the founder and CEO of MomyHelper, a mobile app that connects Arab mothers with parenting consultants.

Founder of Innovation Camp which is is a pre-incubation initiative helps the participants to develop a great startup idea through developing research, innovation and design thinking skills.

Nour worked and trained in the field of filmmaking and screenplay writing. She was the product manager of the first 3D animation film in Gaza, a project funded by the world bank.

His best buddy is his favorite instrument, the violin, which he has been playing for the past 2 years. He is passionate about voluntary and charity work and spent most of his school and university life supporting such initiatives. He's also interested in debates and helped in founding and running many big events in Gaza.

Asmaa Alkhaldi Video Editor Asmaa is a light chaser, colors-passionate, and music-obsessed. She joined the GSG family as the video editor. She is a freelance photojournalist, her work focuses on the human aspect, and the positivity behind every struggle. She believes that a story is never complete until it covers the struggle and hardships, the resilience, and the inspiring results of that struggle. Asmaa is a feminist who wants to show, through her work, how capable women are of creating miracles.

Imad Alkhaldi Community Building Assistant Imad has always been interested in networking and impressed by the power of teamwork. He believes goals could be reached more efficiently with teamwork because groups are better in discovering ideas and opportunities.

Before joining the GSG team, he worked with many NGOs and CBOs as a volunteer, intern or employee, where he honed his leadership, entrepreneurial and communication skills and got to work in different environments with colleagues on different administrative levels.

Imad aspires for the youth of today to make a positive social shift in their communities.

Shams Abu Hassanin Graphic Designer Shams understand how the power and potential of beauty and simple graphic design must be. She has a sharp eye for details and can make your thinking visually.

Shams was selected to tell her participation story during the program in the final ceremony. And she was featured to talk to BBC news about the change that she made in her life after the training.

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Previously, she volunteered at the Islamic University of Gaza as a manager assistant in Academic Affairs. Shams interested in all new cultures, she searches for knowledge everywhere and for everything, she loves reading and discovering new things. He was fascinated with the place and got attached ever since. He participated in the GSG incubation program as a content manager and co-founder of a startup called Keeflabs.

He started learning digital marketing through online courses and with the help of GSG's international mentors who come to Gaza, he reached a professional level. Mohammed volunteered to help run the Saturday Freelancing Club.Keep up the great work guys, look forward to many great years ahead.

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At PwC he served some of the most significant private and public financial institutions in the world. Previously she worked as a digital marketing specialist in local and international companies, where she was managing marketing campaigns and implement marketing strategies.

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