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practice questions found in our online preparation packs for CEB's SHL-style tests. In this PDF you will find answers and detailed explanations to the test. JobTestPrep Free PDF Guides to Download including aptitude tests questions and Learn more about test results and score interpretation from CEB's SHL. SHL offers a number of different services, including assessments, in 30 languages and countries worldwide. SHL is one of the biggest test providers in the.

Free Shl Test Pdf

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Expert SHL Test Advice. Tips, Examples and 3 Free Practice Numerical, Verbal and Logical SHL Tests. Give the Right Answers on Every SHL. Free Aptitude Test Practice - Practice sample SHL tests which provide questions similar to that of the real test. Take the exam with the same time constraints and. This free numerical reasoning test contains 21 questions and has a time limit of 21 Download this free example In-tray exercise as a PDF and print it off to work .

Once you have finished the test, you get full feedback on how you went. We have detailed answers explaining exactly why the answer is what it is. You can take the tests as many times as you like, compare your performance over time, and compare your score to others. Most employers use verbal reasoning tests as a screening tool prior to interview.

Start the Verbal Reasoning Tests

They do this because this is the cheapest and quickest method to rule candidates out. For some companies, you will automatically be invited to take a verbal reasoning test once you have submitted an application. For most companies, though, your application will first be screened again usually automatically using software, which searches your CV for relevant keywords , and then verbal reasoning test invitations will be sent out.

Verbal reasoning tests are often part of assessment centres of investment bank and management consulting Super Saturdays. This may be the first stage in the process where the candidates are tested, or it may actually be a verification test.

Some people try to cheat by getting others to sit their test for them. If there is a large difference in your scores between the two attempts, you will almost certainly not get the job. You may in fact be blacklisted from that company. Yes, yes, yes! I cannot believe you just asked that. With GradTests you can assess your score over time for every single question that you answer, to very clearly measure that improvement.

So the bar has just been raised. When you take our SHL practice verbal reasoning tests, you can compare your score to all your competitors too, and get your percentile ranking.

JobTestPrep Free PDF Guides for Download

This gives you a good indication of where you sit compared to your competition. You have to park that at the door. You must only use the content in the actual passage to answer the questions, even if the content is wrong in reality. You will develop a knack for noticing statements that clearly are trying to elicit a certain response from you. You will learn to be ready for them. If you keep applying for internships and graduate positions over a year or two, you will almost definitely sit the exact same exam, with the same questions.

The testing companies get a little bit lazy. We have designed our tests to be very similar in style to SHL verbal reasoning tests. When you have become so accustomed to the same patterns and tricks, you are able to really quickly identify them. This becomes essential in timed tests, which are often constructed to put you under severe time pressure. If you are able to quickly identify tricks and patterns, your average response time is going to go down, and you will be more likely to finish the test.

If have faced and conquered a challenge before, facing it one more time will be no issue for you. If you take 6 full length verbal reasoning tests on GradTests, practicing them several times, learning from the feedback, and seeing your score improve over time, sitting the actual test for the job of your dreams will not be so daunting.

After so much practice, you know you will be able to conquer it. I guarantee that you always felt more relaxed and more confident when you were well-prepared.

Practice and preparation makes you feel at ease because you remove the fear of the unknown that we all suffer from.

So that are you waiting for? Practice makes perfect, so click the Practice Now button above to start learning. Numerical reasoning tests aim to assess your propensity to analyse charts, tables, graphs and other pieces of numerical data.

The calculations themselves involve simple additions, subtractions and percentages, and the use of a calculator is always permitted.

You can also use Excel to help when you are doing the test at home. The main difficulty in doing these tests is avoiding falling into the traps laid for you in the answers.

The question might request the answer in cents, not dollars, requiring you to convert. You can prepare yourself for these tricks and more by taking a free practice numerical reasoning test above.

The fundamental reason for this is that most white collar jobs require basic numerical reasoning and data interpretation skills. You always need to be able to look at graphs, charts etc. This is especially the case for most internship and graduate positions, whereby as a junior member of staff, you are generally relied upon for most of the grunt work of analysis, report writing etc. You are the one actually producing the charts and tables.

As you move up the food chain into management, you will come to rely on these charts and tables to make decisions.

That is, you will have become a user of these charts rather than a producer. Either way, you need to be able to interpret them correctly. Some example companies who currently use numerical reasoning tests as part of their graduate or internship recruitments: When you enter our Testing Centre to take a practice test, you will face the same layout and style as the actual test.

There are some common tricks and patterns in numerical reasoning tests, such as converting between units, axes of graphs being swapped around or in different units, small fine print at the bottom of graphs etc. Once you have sat enough practice tests, you will be used to all these little patterns and you will find yourself automatically checking for them. Once you have finished a practice test, you will go to the Feedback Dashboard, where you can drill down on each question with a fully worked, detailed explanation of where you went wrong.

You can take our tests as many times as you like to help you improve as much as possible. You can track exactly how you have progressed over time, for every single question. You will know exactly how you place compared to your job rivals when using our Feedback Dashboard.

You can compare where you rank to everybody else for each individual question. Most companies tend to use the numerical reasoning tests as an initial screening mechanism, prior to interview offers being sent. For example, in a graduate recruitment role for an investment bank, suppose people apply for 20 roles. Commonly, the bank will send all candidates a numerical reasoning test invitation.

They will then semi-automatically review the remaining applications using a combination of software and HR staff. The remaining candidates will be screened, with perhaps the top progressing to a first round interview possibly on the phone.

Some companies may use the tests much later on in the process, or may retest candidates to verify the results. The Big 4 accounting companies, for instance, commonly do this. There are probably a few key ways in which practicing the numerical reasoning tests improve your mark.

For numerical reasoning tests, there are lots of little tricks and patterns that show up again and again in SHL tests. You will have to deal with currency exchange rates.

You have to use two or three separate graphs to find the answer. Basically, if you practice the numerical reasoning tests enough, these things become second nature to you and you are much more efficient. If you go for a number of graduate and internship positions over a year or two, you will sit most of your tests with SHL. They recycle the same tests again and again.

So you will probably sit the exact same test several times. We have designed our tests to very closely resemble those of SHL. If you can quickly identify tricks and patterns, the time it takes you to find the answer will be reduced. This is crucial in timed tests, which are often designed to put you under significant pressure.

Any time that you can save through efficiency is good. Because you know what to expect, you will feel more prepared and you will be less nervous. This is the same for most things in life - they are hardest the first time you attempt them.

So the only thing left to do is start practicing. Click the Practice Now button below, to take a free numerical reasoning test. Inductive reasoning tests also known as abstract reasoning tests, logical reasoning tests or diagrammatic reasoning tests try to assess your propensity to detect abstract patterns.

Normally you will see an existing sequence of squares normally which contain various shapes. There will be some sort of pattern occurring inside the sequence of squares. Your job is to figure out logically what that pattern is and then choose what the next square will be in the sequence.

Of the three main types of psychometric tests, most people find these the hardest, especially initially.

A lot of people look at them and their eyes glaze over, similar to the first time you saw a page of calculus, or a foreign language. With practice, you will come to learn that there are many patterns that will repeat themselves. Other common patterns are rotation of the whole square, replacement of shapes and flipping of shapes. The more you practice inductive reasoning tests, the easier they will become.

Inductive reasoning tests are very commonly used during graduate and intern recruitment. They are not quite as common as the verbal reasoning tests and numerical reasoning tests, because logical reasoning is probably not as absolutely essential to most positions compared with basic numeracy and literacy skills.

If you are applying for a graduate role or internship and are unsure if you will face one, assume that you will.

Free Tests Area

We have found all the most common patterns that get used in inductive reasoning tests, and we have embedded them into our own practice tests. We have 6 full length inductive reasoning tests, with questions in total to practice.

We provide detailed explanations for which answer is correct, so that you can learn and improve. You can track your performance over time, and compare your answers to your job rivals. We have also created a simulated online environment, which is very similar to what you would face when sitting the actual SHL inductive reasoning test.

Normally, invitations to inductive reasoning tests are distributed early on in the recruitment process.

Download Free Psychometric Tests

This becomes essential for the big banks and other very popular companies, who will have many s of applicants for only a handful of jobs. Be aware, however, that some companies mix it up a bit and choose to use them later on in the process. This means that you must be able to do well in the test yourself. Beware, companies do often re-test you later on in the process, again under supervised conditions in their office. The more you practice, the more the patterns will become easily identifiable to you.


Most of them will become second nature. You will find yourself being presented with a pattern, and quickly cycling through all the possible options of patterns, until you realise what it is. The quicker you can identify these patterns, the more likely you are to be able to pass your SHL test, which are often constructed to put you under significant time pressure.

There are a few key ways in which practicing the mock SHL inductive reasoning tests will help:. The question then becomes how do you access that question bank. A method that works with smaller question banks and to smaller advantage is to take the test normally — taking screen shots of each question — and then turning off your internet somewhere towards the end. Alternatively, you can create multiple fake applications that progress to the test, taking screenshots of each question in each test you take.

Employer Countermeasures and Consequences For all methods, the most common form of deterrent and countermeasure is an in-person resit. And it can change for each intake.. Typically at the assessment centre, you will be asked to take one or more of the tests again while supervised.

But if you pass but the results of your online and offline tests are drastically different, it will still raise alarm bells. There are plenty of reasons why you might have performed very differently in person to your online test: anxiety, illness, or just a bad day..

But employers are familiar with cheaters. Is Cheating Worth It? That means that cheating will always be a risk. This method will be expensive if you pay for the tests to be taken.

The chances of getting caught if companies actively try is quite high. There is a further risk, too. Plenty of websites offer information and practice materials for the tests including our free tests here. Even a top scoring candidate can fall down in other areas — the interview, assessment centre, etc.

Only you can answer that question.To me, the SHL tests your ability to contain their irritation under severe provocation. Assessment Companies. University Admissions Test. By contacting the person who initially received the complaint, you are avoiding having to duplicate functions as the person might have gained some ground in trying to solve the problem. SHL Calculation Test Calculation Tests assess your understanding of mathematical equations and your ability to solve problems.

For most companies, though, your application will first be screened again usually automatically using software, which searches your CV for relevant keywords , and then verbal reasoning test invitations will be sent out. General ability tests are compehensive tests with questions covering multiple cognitive concepts.

With GradTests you can assess your score over time for every single question that you answer, to very clearly measure that improvement. These are by no means high quality, super ethical businesses!

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