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Lirik All About That Bass oleh Meghan Trainor. Dapatkan lirik lagu lain oleh Meghan Trainor di Lyrics to "All About That Bass" song by Meghan Trainor: Because you know I'm all about that bass 'Bout that bass, no treble I'm all about that bass 'Bout th. "All About That Bass" is the debut single by American singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor, taken from her first EP, Title (), and major-label studio album.

Lagu All Ebout That Bass

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Because you know I'm all about that bass, 'Bout that bass 'bout that bass, no treble I'm all 'bout that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble I'm all 'bout. CHORD LYRICS AND GUITAR TAB SONG ALL ABOUT THAT BASS - MEGHAN TRAINOR (CHORD LIRIK TAB DAN KUNCI GITAR LAGU ALL. Lagu 'All About That Bass' Ditukar Kepada 'Walaupun Kau Gemuk' Ni Memang Win! Pernah anda bayangkan lagu 'All About.

It began to be promoted on radio stations the first week of November in New York and Los Angeles. Slash's guitar playing is actually heard in the skit that precedes the album version of the song [10] [11] and he did play the main riff during live performances of the song. Reception[ edit ] To prepare the audience for the special occasion of the televised premiere of the "Black or White" video, Epic records released the song without the accompanying images to radio stations just two days in advance.

In a period of twenty-four hours, "Black or White", described by the record company as "a rock 'n' roll dance song about racial harmony", had been added to the playlists of 96 percent of of the United States of America's Top 40 radio stations. David Browne praised: "He still knows how to fashion a hook that will take up permanent residence in your brain away from its video, Black or White is spare and effortless " [17] Rolling Stone 's Allan Light in his Dangerous review, compares the song unfavourably to " Beat It ": "Neither this slow-burn solo nor the Stones-derived riff on 'Black or White' offers the catharsis of Eddie Van Halen's blazing break on 'Beat It'".

In the UK, it reached number 14, and in Ireland, number The promotional single also surprisingly peaked at number 18 in Australia. It was co-choreographed by Jackson and Vincent Paterson.

It premiered simultaneously in 27 countries, with an audience of million viewers, the most ever for a music video. During this interlude sometimes compared to Marty Callner's " We're Not Gonna Take It " video for Twisted Sister [26] an year-old kid Macaulay Culkin is dancing to rock music in his bedroom at night, causing four baseball team bobbleheads from left to right, the Giants , the Pirates , the Dodgers , and the Rangers to bobble.

This attracts the attention of his grouchy father George Wendt , who furiously scolds him to stop playing the music and go to bed.

The album version of the song does not feature Culkin's nor Wendt's voice; they are replaced by voice actors performing a similar intro. The boy's father crashes in Africa, and Jackson sings "Black or White", surrounded by various cultures scene-by-scene.

Lirik Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass

Jackson walks through visual collages of fire defiantly declaring "I ain't scared of no sheets; I ain't scared of nobody" , referring to KKK torch ceremonies before a mock rap scene shared with Culkin and other children including Mark Pugh and David Shelton of Another Bad Creation.

At the end of the song, several different people, of differing races and nationalities, including actor Glen Chin , model Tyra Banks , actress Khrystyne Haje , and actor Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter , dance as they morph into one another shown as "talking heads".

The morphing visual effects were created by Pacific Data Images. After his damage, he re-emerges into the black panther.

All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor

Berlatih memainkan bassline di tangan kiri terlebih dahulu lalu tambahkan melodi di tangan kanan. Dengarkan bagaimana melodi di ayat ini berbeda dengan paduan suara.

Kemudian dalam lagu tersebut, akord dimainkan dengan catatan kedelapan yang konstan. Dirilis oleh Epic Records pada tanggal 30 Juni , direkam untuk debut EP dan album studio tahun , keduanya bernama Title. Secara liris, ini membahas citra tubuh yang positif.

Dengan total 16 minggu, total rekor tersebut tercatat paling banyak pada nomor satu di tangga lagu resmi Slovenia, SloTop Beberapa publikasi memasukkannya di antara lagu-lagu terbaik tahun , dan mendapat nominasi Grammy Award untuk Record of the Year dan Song of the Year. Lagu tersebut terjual 11 juta unit di seluruh dunia, menjadi lagu terlaris ketiga tahun dan salah satu single terlaris sepanjang masa. Fatima Robinson mengarahkan video musik yang menyertainya, sebuah kesuksesan online viral yang terkenal dengan visual dan sifatnya yang ringan.

Pada saat lagu itu ditulis, Trainor tidak memiliki kontrak rekaman tapi menulis lagu untuk artis lain. Pasangan tersebut menulis lagu tersebut dengan maksud menyerahkannya ke artis rekaman lainnya. Pelatih dan Kadish mendiskusikan cinta mereka dengan musik tahun an, dan memutuskan untuk memasukkan gaya ke dalam lagu bersama dengan doo-wop karena Trainor merasa bahwa genre itu sangat menarik.

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Kadish kemudian mengembangkan beat modern untuk lagu tersebut dan Trainor mulai memperjelas ayat pertama. Dia merasa terdorong oleh hasilnya dan membayangkan lagu tersebut berisi tema tentang kekuatan anak perempuan.

Pelatih yang ditujukan untuk lirik lagu tentang penerimaan diri terhadap tipe tubuh, sebuah tema yang terinspirasi oleh perjuangannya sendiri dalam citra diri sebagai remaja. Kadish terkait dengan ide lirik Pelatih karena pengalamannya sendiri dengan ketidakamanan selama masa remaja. Pelatih ingin melacak untuk mengkritik penggunaan gambar photoshopped setelah dia melihat sebuah fitur di The Ellen DeGeneres Show dari sebuah model yang foto-fotonya diedit secara grafis.Polish Dance Top So here's a science-backed one: make a playlist of the 10 songs found to be the most relaxing on earth.

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The rendition featured Jimmy Fallon and The Roots , who made use of a variety classroom instruments for the performance. Retrieved October 18, Even though Trainor was nervous, she later performed it for Reid while accompanying herself on a ukulele.

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