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“management consulting ” rather than turning to a new, not yet widely accepted and perhaps only Prelims Peter Block – Flawless Consulting. Peter Block leads consultant and client together through a proven approach “ Peter Block's masterpiece Flawless Consulting in informed my point. Contact Peter Block at: [email protected] Library of Congress Cataloging-in- Publication Data. Block, Peter. Flawless consulting: a guide to getting your.

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This Third Edition to Peter Blocks Flawless Consulting addresses business changes and new challenges since the second edition was written ten years ago. Flawless Consulting Summary by Peter Block is a step by step guide to building healthy consultant relationships that will ultimately bring you. A summary of the main points of Flawless Developing client commitment during the consulting process Source: Flawless Consultancy, Peter Block.

The client will then magically become successful. Life provides the disturbance. We do not have to induce change, drive it, or guide it. All we have to do is join it. It may be better to sum up the book this way. There are people in this world who are analytical thinkers, and can be approached in an analytical, rational way.

Then there are people in this world who are emotional thinkers, and who need to be approached in an emotional, "authentic," relationship-based way.

And there are many people in between who can be rational, but really only after engaging with them to build relationships first, and then approach them with rational thought and analysis only after trust has been established.

Therefore, it's safer to start by approaching everyone in a relationship-based way first. If you successfully engage with the client at an emotional level, the client is less likely to view you with resistance.

But then the author undermines his premise with chapters on healthcare reform and education reform.

Flawless Consulting A Guide To Getting Your Expertise Used Pdf

Not that these systems don't need reform, but the author posits that Flawless Consulting is the answer to what ails these systems, and recounts a doctor and a high school teacher who claim to have used this book to reform their respective institutions. Color me skeptical. For one thing, the surgeon was apparently fired, because the healthcare system just wasn't ready for the greatness of Flawless Consulting. The teacher changed the paradigm to put the students in charge of their learning.

These two chapters then cast the rest of the book in a different light. In an Enlightened world, the consultant would engage with clients in a rational, analytical way, diagnose their problems, and present solutions based on evidence and logic.

The author makes the case that people are by and large too emotional for that. Hugh Russell 2 Goals of Consultancy To establish a collaborative relationship. To solve problems so they stay solved.

Developing client commitment during the consulting process People involved Stakeholder: A person affected by the particular issue being addressed by the consultant. NB: This is not always the person who initially calls the consultant. Consultant: Change agent This is the person who is trying to have some influence over a group or organisation but has no direct power to make changes or implement programmes.

Entry and contracting. Data collection and diagnosis 3. Feedback and design for action 4. Action 5.

Defining the initial problem 2. Deciding to proceed 3. Selecting dimensions to be studied 4. Decide who will be involved 5. Selecting the method desk research, interviews, questionnaires, group discussion 6. Data collection 7. Funnelling the data 8. Data Summary 9. Data Analysis Feedback of results Making recommendations Decisions on actions Stage 1 Entry and Contracting First Contact with Client Telephone questions before the first meeting, to be put by consultant to client:- What do you want to discuss?

Who is the client for the project? Who else will be attending meeting? Do you know that you want to begin some project or are we going to discuss possibilities? Plan the Contracting Meeting: Have clear objectives for the meeting and communicate these to the person you are seeing.

Research the organisation of the client before first meeting. Consider how you will judge whether or not you can help the client, e.

Entry and Contracting Meeting: The purpose of entry is to establish rapport and credibility, build trust and confidence, develop common ground and deal with anxiety on the part of the client. Key Areas to Cover with Client: Definition of the problem. Reasons why problem needs to be addressed watch for hidden agenda. Criteria that any outcome must satisfy - what is desired state client is aiming form.

Clients expectations of you - what role do they expect you to fulfil? Level of support you require from client.

Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used

Extent of confidentiality. Resource constraints - deadlines; budgets; access to stakeholders; release from job if training need identified.

End by summarising what has been agreed. Be prepared to go back and re-contract if your diagnosis with stakeholder reveals that your original contract was inappropriate.

Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used, 3rd Edition

During meeting watch for signs of the client s motivation for project; e. Contract Formulation: Following interview write a letter stating explicitly what was agreed between yourself 5 and client and covering the following elements:- 1.

The boundaries of your analysis. Objectives of the project.Of course, during your work, you will encounter resistance.

Feedback and design for action 4. For one thing, the surgeon was apparently fired, because the healthcare system just wasn't ready for the greatness of Flawless Consulting. You don't always get what you want. Published in: Deciding who will be involved.

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