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Page 1. Sydney Trains Network. A map of city of the Sydney rail network that Airport Link, Sydney's Airport Train, utilizes and travels on. Rail Network Map. Download Network Map (PDF). Sydney Trains Network. NSW. A Transport. GOVERNMENT. To Central Coast & Newcastle Line. North Shore T1 O Berowra. • Mount Kuring-gai. Mount Colah.

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6. Barangaroo. Crows Nest. Victoria Cross. Pitt St. Waterloo. Sydney Metro City and Southwest under construction. Sydney Metro Northwest under construction. Offline PDF map of Train in Sydney with information about the Sydney Trains full map, including lines, stations and routes. Moovit has offline PDF maps from around the world. You can print & download transportation maps of Sydney for Train, Ferry, Bus or Lightrail with information.

The rail network shows not only all the different lines that formed part of the old Cityrail network, but shows separate lines for different stopping patterns. The Illawarra Line out to Cronulla, for example, shows 2 lines, one for all stop services and another for express services. This is possible following the revised timetable, with its harmonised stopping patterns.

It also uses a clockface icon to denote any stations with frequent all day services, and also whether this is 7 days a week or just on weekdays.

This map shows the Sydney network as proposed for , with new rail lines in the outer suburbs and new light rail in the inner city. It also displays major bus routes. Source: Bernie Ng.

Some maps take the existing layout and leave it unchanged, merely altering the labelling. Every label on the map, from station names, to line descriptions, to usage instructions, are anagrams. Source: CharonX The labels on a map can even be changed to match those of a different map.

For example, the following map takes the map of Metro Trains in Melbourne and replaces the labels with ones more familiar to a Sydney audience.

There are many other examples in here, many of which only someone familiar with both the Sydney and Melbourne rail networks would notice.

Melbourne for Sydney train users. Find contacts Feedback, questions and complaints Lost property Social media Transport operators School bus operators Visit us.

Search transportnsw. Sevice adjustments from 28 April Plan ahead Plan ahead.

Play slideshow Pause slideshow. About the regions. Alerts and trackwork See trackwork, service changes and lift outages.

Route information Look up a timetable or map for your service. Transport apps See the range of travel apps and tools available. School travel pass Apply online.

Get your Opal card Or find out how to top up. Regional tickets Find services and book your seat online. Getting to events. Sydney Royal Easter Show Show opens Sydney Family Show Start daily Wednesday Night Lights Gates open Wednesday 17 April to 17 APR.

Suburban Trains

Transport news. Service adjustments from Sunday 28 April Friday 12 April Adjustments are being made to train and bus services from Sunday 28 April.

Sydney light rail trackwork in April Thursday 11 April More Sydney buses moving to Opal only services Tuesday 02 April The third underground line is the Airport Line , which opened in , prior to the Sydney Olympics. February 17, at 8: Every label on the map, from station names, to line descriptions, to usage instructions, are anagrams.

Sydney Central station is a grand edifice somewhat in the style of European or North American grand terminal stations befitting its position as the departure point for some of Australia's great long-distance trains.

Source: Author withheld And though completely unrelated to rail maps, the following set of maps, first published as the front page of the UNSW student newspaper Tharunka back in , shows show people from different parts of Sydney view people in the rest of Sydney.

Max Roberts created maps in different styles for a number of different cities, large print copies of which are available for purchase from his website.

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